Want to Create the Best User Experience for your App? Hire a Great Teacher!

These days, there are millions of mobile applications on the market, but few can boast a great user experience. What makes an app stand out, and more importantly, who can help get it noticed?

You would think the answer would be a good graphic designer, who can draw eye-catching screenshots and innovative animations. Yet there are so many beautifully crafted applications on the market that haven't caught on, because they don't showcase an application's core functionality well. As Steve Jobs once pointed out, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

An application's user interface has to "teach" a customer about the app's functionality. Back when there were no computers, any machine operator had to pass some basic training courses in order to succeed. Machine-human interaction was closely intertwined with the learning process, and would involve a detailed step-by-step approach.

A good user experience specialist can be tough to find, but a talented teacher can make for a good candidate. Say you need to explain how an electric motor works to a group of children. Whom would you rather call: an artist who can draw beautiful pictures of wires and magnets, or an expert who understands the subject well, and can explain it properly step-by-step? A teacher could utilize the skills of an artist, if need be, but an artist would be inferior to a teacher in this case.

In September 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that, "He [Steve Jobs] was a great teacher. This is something that's never written about him." That statement could explain why nearly every product Jobs masterminded hit the high mark in terms of user experience.

So, want to create an app that stands out among the rest? Start searching for a talented teacher!


Veronica Polivanaya